Staff Registration


We have established a new process for completing your Volunteer Staff forms. It is our hope that this new process will help you easily track your forms as well as complete them for online submission.

  1. Volunteer Staff will receive an E-MAIL from the Camp Registrar upon approval from the Camp Director. The E-MAIL will contain an access link to the following Volunteer Staff forms (Health, Release Liability, and Social Networking), which allows you to complete, and submit your forms ONLINE.
  2. All forms MUST BE SUBMITTED through the access link. If you DO NOT receive an access link via E-MAIL, please contact Shari Sandoval, Camp Registrar, or 916-374-1528.
  1. All background checks will be done through the Conference Office.


Although, we prefer NOT to receive hard-copy forms, if you are experiencing technical challenges, please contact Camp Registrar to arrange for an alternate method of forms submission.


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