Camp Registration Information

Exciting Changes for Camping Ministry 2017!!

Our Camps for summer of 2017 will look a bit different when you go to register for camp.  Each of our camps at Monte Toyon and Lodestar will be under one Director.  Monte Toyon will be directed by Jenna Stark, Lodestar by Lisa Thompson. I am thankful for their leadership and willingness to serve.    

Therefore, each camp will be published and registered as “Toyon Camps” and “Camp Lodestar” --- This allows us to better recruit and assign our staff and develop our program.  No worries, many of the age specific activities, small groups, and living units will stay the same, and we will continue to strengthen our times together in worship, fellowship and fun!  Our LIT program will still be offered- one at Monte Toyon and one at Lodestar.

So as you sign up for camp this year, just look for the camp site and week- fill in the information about your age and grade, and leave the rest to us! See you in July!!!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Shari Sandoval at or Kelly Peterson-Cruse at    


We have established a new process for completing your camper forms. It is our hope that this new process will help you easily track your forms as well as complete them for online submission. 

Getting Started:
  1. Register your camper by clicking on the red ONLINE REGISTRATION button below.
  2. You the parent will receive an  E-MAIL from the Camp Registrar upon completion of your online registration. The E-MAIL will contain an access link to the following forms, (Camper Health, Release Liability/Statement and About Me) which will allow you to complete, and submit your forms ONLINE. All other camp information can be found below.
  3. You will receive an access link for each child you register, you will need to fill out SEPARATE forms for each camper.
  4. All forms MUST BE SUBMITTED through the access link. If you DO NOT receive an access link via E-MAIL, please contact Shari Sandoval, Camp Registrar, or 916-374-1528 to have it sent to you.
Although, we prefer NOT to receive hard-copy forms, if you are experiencing technical challenges, please contact Camp Registrar to arrange for an alternate method of forms submission.